Prof Philip Morris AM


Specialist in Psychiatry of Old Age (psychogeriatrics)

Specialist in Adult Psychiatry

Specialist in Addiction Medicine

Specialist in Medico-legal and Forensic Psychiatry

Impact Health,
Suite 1, Level 2
3 Short Street,
Southport  QLD  4215

Phone  (61) 07 55314838

Mobile (61) 0422545753



Welcome to my website!

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to my qualifications and experience, to the services I provide, and to my professional interests.

I am a physician with substantial experience in addiction medicine, adult psychiatry and psychogeriatrics (the psychiatry of older age). I qualified in medicine in Sydney and did specialty training in Sydney and Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, before undertaking further clinical training and postdoctoral research at Brown University and The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the USA. For more details see the ‘About Me’ page.

I practice from consulting rooms in Southport, Queensland, Australia (see the ‘Your Appointment’ page). I offer tele-health consultations for referred patients through the use of Skype or similar video-conferencing programs. All these services are available through my practice via the ‘Your Appointment’ page.

I am involved in medical research through clinical drug trials for dementia conditions and innovative approaches to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive problems. I enjoy teaching and run educational lectures and workshops and mentor medical students and junior and senior colleagues.

My professional interests cover a number of clinical and medico-political areas – see the ‘Recent Posts’, ‘Articles’ and ‘Blog’ pages of the website. The Blog is a public domain discussion of topics – please feel welcome to make a comment. For private and confidential contact with me please use the email form on the ‘Contact Me’ page.

I look forward to serving you. Philip Morris.

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