As a committed member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, I offer a vision for new leadership that reflects a commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and the advancement of psychiatric practice. While our College has a rich history of influencing the landscape of psychiatry, it is now time to build on this legacy to secure the future. 

I firmly believe that the foundational principles of our profession—the doctor-patient therapeutic relationship and scientific expertise—must be mutually respected and nurtured. This bio-psycho-social approach must form the cornerstone of all College activities.

Throughout my career I have cultivated a deep understanding of the challenges faced by psychiatrists across varied work environments. We cannot ignore the bureaucratic burdens that have encumbered psychiatric services, psychiatrists and trainees, diverting our focus from patient care. It is imperative that the College spearheads reforms in public sector services to enhance patient outcomes and make these environments more appealing to trainees and psychiatrists alike.

Our trainees represent the future of our profession, and it’s time to empower them with a significant voice in College decision-making at all levels. They deserve transparent and flexible training opportunities, as well as a fair and supportive examination system. Endorsing the role of psychodynamic psychotherapy and prioritising diversity in clinical experiences are essential steps in enriching their education.

Advocating for gender equity, combating discrimination, mitigating the effect of climate changes, and supporting First Nations peoples are integral to our College’s mission. We must also confront the intrusion of third parties into clinical decision-making, and safeguard the integrity of patient care and the independence of the profession.

Trust, communication, and inclusivity should define our interactions with members at every stage of their careers. Private practice, a vital component of psychiatric care, deserves representation on the College Board. Transparency within the College must be improved and non-disclosure contracts for College committee members must be abolished.

Continuing Professional Development should align with individual educational needs that enhance learning and skills, rather than being a set of bureaucratic obligations. 

Efforts to expand the mental health workforce should be prioritised. Overseas trained specialists and international medical graduates must be welcomed and respected, and ways to improve their pathway to Fellowship should be facilitated by taking into account their unique qualifications and experience. 

The College needs to explore new approaches to bolstering academic psychiatry through full or part-time trainee research scholarships, creating a Section or Faculty of Academic Psychiatry, and encouraging greater psychiatrist presence on human research ethics committees.

In this election, I offer bold ideas and unwavering commitment to reform. With your support, I will champion these initiatives as a Board Director, enhancing our College as a membership focussed organisation and driving it towards a future of innovation and progress. 

Thank you for your trust and support. Please place the Number 1 against my name and remember to place a number against each of the other candidates. 

Yours sincerely,

Prof Philip Morris AM

Phone 0422545753